Privacy Agreement - $heriff

What information is collected by $heriff?

Apart from the data regularly recorded by web servers (IP, timestamps, user agents, ...) we collect:

What information is NOT collected by $heriff?

Donating your data for this research project

For users who choose to donate their data for reaseach ("opt-in"), we additionally collect the following:

The opt-in feature, i.e., the donation of user data feature, is disabled by default (Donate History, Donate Cookies checkboxes = unchecked). You can check the current status of the options by clicking on the $heriff logo (upper-right corner of your browser). You can selectively opt-in for each option by just selecting the corresponding checkbox for each option. Please review the "Useful Tips" section below before opting-in to our donation feature.

Useful Tips

Since the price comparison requests are recorded to our servers we recommend the following:

Terms of Use

The browser extension and the measurement infrastructure are designed for the research purposes. We do our best to assure that it works as intended, although we can give no warranty.

Privacy Agreement - eyeWnder

What information is collected by eyeWnder?

What information is NOT collected by eyeWnder?

Collected Data details and description

The service is design to protect user anonymity and at the same time to provide meaningful aggregated results about displayed ads. Below we list some implementation details on what data are recorded by the system: